My teaching centres on presenting the Spanish language, and Latin American and Peninsular literature, art, film and culture to groups of students at all levels. My teaching relates to my research as both pay special attention to issues around religion, the body, and social change. If you are a student reading this, I want you to know that I think learning something new can and should be a transformative experience, and my plan is that by getting to know you as an individual, I can teach in such a way that I will involve your whole person in your education and that as a result, this transformation can be part of your education. Since I spend time with students individually, informally, or in small classes, I am able to use a range of activities and approaches in each course I teach.

In my view, successful teaching is based on good advising and mentoring, which I do as the advisor to Spanish majors at Bluffton, and as a supervisor of Spanish teaching assistants and tutors.

At Bluffton University (2013-present), I have taught:

  • Spanish American Literature
  • Latin American Culture
  • Spanish Peninsular Culture and Civilization
  • Spanish Peninsular Literature
  • Spanish Prose and Composition
  • Advanced Grammar
  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Beginning Spanish 1 and 2
  • Beginning Spanish 1 (hybrid course)
  • Values in a Global Community (Capstone Seminar)
  • Becoming a Scholar (First-Year Seminar)

I have also guest lectured about Mexico in a World History and Food course, and given presentations about Spanish and the Latinx community at many high schools, and facilitated Spanish Immersion Days on the Bluffton University campus. I have also been part of a delegation that visited Bluffton’s partner in Guatemala, Central American Study and Service (CASAS), which is an excellent study abroad opportunity for any undergraduate student.

At the University of Toronto (2008-2013), I was a TA and taught three courses:

  • Business Spanish
  • Intermediate Spanish (standard course)
  • Introduction to Mexican Literature (course for non-academic students)

I also gave guest lectures on topics relating to religion

  • “Imaginario religioso y marxista: el Che y la poesía cubana” in Introduction to Hispanic Cultural Studies, 2013
  • “Religión y literatura en San Manuel Bueno, mártir de Miguel de Unamuno” in Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies, 2013

Prior to this, from 2007-2008, I volunteered at the Centro Cultural Batahola Norte and facilitated domestic violence workshops with 8-12 year olds.

I engage in professional education

  • Woodsworth College, Teaching in Higher Education Course
  • University of Toronto, Advanced University Teaching Preparation Certificate
  • University of Toronto, Graduate Professional Skills Program